• Computer Science and Engineering
    Prize giving ceremony of 1'st MBSTU CSE carnival'17
  • Dr. Kaykobad and Dr. Alauddin
    Mohammad Kaykobad and Vice-Chancellor Md. Alauddin with Department teacher's at 1st MBSTU CSE carnival'17
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    Computer Science and Engineering

Welcome To Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering is one of the first two Departments of this University. The historical background of this Department is firmly related to the historical background of this university. In 25th October, 2003 this Department started its academic activities with a mission to produce highly qualified graduates in the field of computer technology, so that they can be- good researchers which will empower the science and technology sector of our country, good engineers to compete in the international market and good IT professionals to make this country as “Digital Bangladesh”.

The Department offers four year BSc. (Engg.) Program in Computer Science & Engineering designed with modern and advance course curriculum. At the same time the department is offering MSc (Engg.)/ MEngg. Program in CSE from 2012-13 session with advance topics related to the Computer Science as well as IT field. So that students graduating from this department have a balance of theory and practical skills to prepare them for the highly competitive workplace. The facilities provided by the department includes three computer labs, one electronics lab, one seminar library and separate internet room with free browsing facilities for students. The Department has sixteen highly qualified and energetic faculty members with 11 office staffs. Five academic sessions have already completed their graduation.

The Department is conducting researchers on some highly advance topics such as – Medical Image Processing, Multi-Valued Logic Synthesis, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Search Engine, Ubiquitous Computing and so on. Research papers of teachers and students a...

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Message from Chairman

Mr. Md. Mosaddik Hasan

Computer Science and Engineering is at the intellectual forefront of the digital revolution that will define the 21st century. That revolution is in its early stages but is visible all around us. New scientific, economic and social paradigms are arising from computing science and being felt across all sectors of the economy and society at large. For accepting this technological challenge of 21st century, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of the most pioneering soloist of MBSTU and the country since its commencement in 2003. The department is keen on pushing the boundaries of traditional education system and it is the optimum combination of knowledge generation and application that makes the distinctive feature of the Department.

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