Dr. Mohammad Motiur Rahman


Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Email : mm73rahman@gmail.com
  • Phone Number : 01711362344
  • Blood Group : B+

PhD (2014) in Computer Engineering

Thesis Title- Enhancement and analysis of organ specific ultrasound image

                    Supervisor- Prof. Dr. mohammad Shorif Uddin

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Jahangirnagar university, Bangladesh.

Erasmus-Mundus Europe Asia (EMEA) Ph D Exchange Student Scholarship

University of Warsaw, ICM, Visual Analysis Lab, Poland

From October’12 to July’13

Research Interests

  • Bio imaging and Image Analysis
  • Wavelet and PDE based image processing
  • Machine learning
  •  Data mining



Gene regularity network and drug design: Applications of R

Authors: Nahida Habib, Kawsar Ahmed, Mohammad Motiur Rahman

Lambert Academic Publishing.

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