Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE1101 Computer Basics & Programming Fundamentals Theory 3.00
CSE1102 Computer Basics & Programming Fundamentals Lab Lab 1.50
CSE1103 Electrical Circuit Analysis Theory 2.00
CSE1104 Electrical Circuit Analysis Lab Lab 0.75
CSE1105 Discrete and Concrete Mathematics Theory 3.00
CSE1107 Differential Calculus and Coordinates Geometry Theory 3.00
CSE1109 Chemistry Theory 2.00
CSE1111 English Theory 3.00
CSE1113 Bhashani Studies Non-credit 0.00
CSE1120 Viva-Voce None 0.50
Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE1201 Electronic Devices and Circuits Theory 3.00
CSE1202 Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab Lab 0.75
CSE1203 Structured Programming Theory 3.00
CSE1204 Structured Programming Lab Lab 1.50
CSE1205 Pulse and Digital Electronics Theory 3.00
CSE1206 Pulse and Digital Electronics Lab Lab 0.75
CSE1207 Physics Theory 3.00
CSE1209 Statistics Theory 2.00
CSE1211 Integral Calculus, ODE, PDE, Series Solution Theory 3.00
CSE1213 Engineering Drawing None 0.75
CSE1220 Viva-Voce None 0.50
Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE2101 Object Oriented Programming Theory 3.00
CSE2102 Object Oriented Programming Lab Lab 1.50
CSE2103 Data Structures and Algorithms Theory 3.00
CSE2104 Data Structures and Algorithms Lab Lab 1.50
CSE2105 Computer Organization & Architecture Theory 3.00
CSE2107 Economics & Sociology Theory 2.00
CSE2109 Matrix and Linear Algebra Theory 3.00
CSE2111 Financial and Managerial Accounting Theory 2.00
CSE2112 Software Development Project-I & Industrial Tour Lab 0.75
CSE2120 Viva-Voce None 0.50
Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE2201 Algorithm Design & Analysis Theory 3.00
CSE2202 Algorithm Design & Analysis Lab Lab 1.50
CSE2203 Database Management Systems Theory 3.00
CSE2204 Database Management Systems Lab Lab 1.50
CSE2205 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Theory 2.00
CSE2206 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab Lab 0.75
CSE2207 Digital System Design Theory 2.00
CSE2208 Digital System Design Lab Lab 0.75
CSE2210 Java and Mobile Application Development Lab Lab 1.50
CSE2211 Fourier Analysis, Laplace Transforms and Complex Variable Theory 3.00
CSE2220 Viva-Voce None 0.50
Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE3101 Operating Systems Theory 3.00
CSE3102 Operating Systems Lab Lab 1.50
CSE3103 Microprocessor & Micro-controller Theory 3.00
CSE3104 Micro-controller & Assembly Language Lab Lab 0.75
CSE3105 Computer Based Numerical Methods Theory 2.00
CSE3106 Computer Based Numerical Methods Labs Lab 0.75
CSE3107 Software Engineering Theory 3.00
CSE3109 Data Communication Theory 2.00
CSE3110 Data Communication Lab Lab 0.75
CSE3111 Theory of Computation Theory 2.00
CSE3114 Visual Programming Lab-II Lab 0.75
CSE3116 Software Development Project-II & Industrial Tour Lab 0.75
CSE3120 Viva-Voce None 0.50
Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE3201 Compiler Design Theory 3.00
CSE3202 Compiler Design Lab Lab 0.75
CSE3203 Computer Network Theory 3.00
CSE3204 Computer Network Lab Lab 1.50
CSE3205 Computer Peripheral & Interfacing Theory 2.00
CSE3206 Computer Peripheral & Interfacing Lab Lab 0.75
CSE3208 Relational Database Management System Lab Lab 0.75
CSE3209 Multimedia & Web Engineering Theory 2.00
CSE3210 Multimedia & Web Engineering Lab Lab 1.50
CSE3211 Communication Engineering Theory 2.00
CSE3213 Robotics Theory 2.00
CSE3215 Engineering Statistics Theory 2.00
CSE3220 Viva-Voce None 0.50
Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE4101 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Theory 3.00
CSE4102 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lab Lab 1.50
CSE4103 VLSI Design Theory 2.00
CSE4104 VLSI Design Lab Lab 0.75
CSE4105 Digital Image Processing Theory 2.00
CSE4106 Digital Image Processing Lab Lab 0.75
CSE4107 Computer Graphics & Animation Technique Theory 3.00
CSE4108 Computer Graphics & Animation Technique Lab Lab 0.75
CSE4109 Cloud and Mobile Computing Theory 2.00
CSE4111 Digital Signal Processing Theory 3.00
CSE4112 Digital Signal Processing Lab Lab 0.75
CSE5000 Research Project Lab C o n t i n u e
Course Code Course Title Course Type Course Credit
CSE4201 Network Security and Cryptography Theory 2.00
CSE4203 Neural Networks & Patten Recognition Theory 3.00
CSE4204 Neural Networks & Pattern Recognition Lab Lab 0.75
CSE4205 Data Mining and Big Data Theory 3.00
CSE4206 Data Mining Lab Lab 0.75
CSE4207 Technical Writing Theory 2.00
CSE4209 Optional-III Theory 3.00
CSE5000 Research Project Lab 4.00