AI is improving Google Assistant conversations.


In order for Google Assistant to really help users with daily tasks, the tool should be able to understand the human user. This means not only understanding the words you speak but also recognizing the meaning behind them. For this reason, the Assistant should adapt to your speech style without you needing to voice commands using specific words in the correct order.

However, comprehending verbal speech proves challenging, given the highly variable context often used from one person to another. Yet another obstacle arises with words that sound different but are spelled the same way, such as two names. Google has begun to tackle this issue by focusing on teaching Google to identify unique names.

In particular, Google aims to solve the common problem users face of attempting to use Assistant to select one of their contacts, and the Assistant struggles to choose the correct contact. Instead, Google intends the Assistant feature to recognize and accurately articulate people's names as often as possible, especially less common names.

Within the next few days, users will be able to teach Google Assistant how to properly pronounce and identify names of your contacts based on the way you pronounce those names. Assistant will do this by memorizing your pronunciation of a name without recording the utterance. This upgrade will improve the tool's ability to understand the names of those contacts when you state them in the future. Initially, the feature will be available in English, with Google hopeful to add more languages soon.

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