Atlassian launches Jira Work Management, opening its Jira platform to all business teams.


Atlassian has launched a new platform, Jira Work Management, bringing Jira capabilities to all enterprise business teams and enabling departments like marketing, HR, finance, and design to easily connect their work with that of their technical counterparts.

Over the past year, organizations have had to compress multi-year digital transformation plans into weeks and months, with many scrambling to find the right tools to support their workers and allow collaborative work to continue.

Cameron Deatsch, chief revenue officer at Atlassian, said that although the company had seen a lot of organizations use platforms like Jira to track work while offices were closed, the company understands that sitting next to colleagues in the office offers benefits not easily replicated at home.

“There’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s easy to track when you’re ... with your team, but as you go virtual, you can’t just jump on a video call every time you want to have a conversation about a small task,” he said. “Obviously, you can do some of it over email, or Slack, or PowerPoint, or spreadsheets, but you aren’t able to keep track of things and it’s very easy to lose your work.”

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