Undergraduate Program

The objective of the Bachelor of Science (Engg.) degree in Computer Science and Engineering is to enable the students to be competent computer professionals as well as to perform further studies. The program is divided into 4 years. Each year consists of two semesters. The degree is comprised of a total of 160 credits. At the end of each semester students are required to appear semester final examinations. In the final semester (that means 4th year 2nd semester) each student has to complete, submit and defend a research project/thesis as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the B.Sc. (Engg.) degree.

During the first two years, the students are introduced to the basic principles of Engineering as well as of Computer Science. This comprehensive introduction lays foundation in Engineering, Computer Programming and Digital Electronics. In this period, the students are also exposed to science courses, like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and a range of courses like English, social science and business studies.

The third year concentrates on broadening the fundamental knowledge in Computer Software and Hardware and its designs. It potentially forms the basis for the student to become both software engineer and hardware engineer for the future. During the fourth year, students are encouraged to deepen their understanding in areas of particular interest and ability. Finally the students are required to complete a Project/ Thesis on topic of student’s interest in computer science and Engineering.

The assessment of a theoretical course (either 3 or 2 credit hours) consisting of total 30% continuous assessment (10% in class attendance, 20% in tutorials i.e. Quiz/Class test/assignment/presentation) and 70% in final examination. Similarly, the assessment for a laboratory course consists of 50% is in continuous assessment (15% in class attendance, 15% in lab report, 20% in quiz/assignment) and 50% in final examination (40% quiz, 10% in viva-voce). For admission in this program, the advertisement including the eligibilities of the prospective students is circulated in each academic year.