Fighter Controller Training Unit Simulator


This Simulator supports the simulation of both hostile forces and friendly fighter aircraft. Aircraft can be equipped with a variety of air-to-air radar, weapons and fuel loads and can be assigned targeting, mission and engagement behaviors.


Aircraft with on-board radar capability can be defined and these aircraft will be able to track hostile aircraft and provide target details to the weapons systems. It has fuel characteristic defined for an aircraft type to generate fuel warning and fuel emergency prompts. Fighter control system has facilities for target allocation which enables a fighter or group of fighters to be allocated a target. A fighter is eligible to enter a predefined route. A number of target engagements are supported. When the target is within range,detection system is provided. ECM Jammer is also used in our simulator. Rader display consist of OpenStreetMap for the better understanding of the positioning system. Simulator provides a voice chat system for communication between the pilots or trainee students. In fine it is the ultimate training solution for the newbies.

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